How To Stage A Kitchen That Sells The House

Dated: July 21 2020

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When you're staging a home to sell, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to focus on. One reason is that the kitchen tends to cost the most to remodel. By staging the kitchen, you can make it look appealing and updated to attract potential buyers. Making the kitchen look bright and fresh can also help buyers envision themselves cooking and eating dinner with their families. Fortunately, you can accomplish this through staging rather than an expensive remodel.

Update the cabinets and hardware.
 If you have time and your cabinets look dated, refurbish them with paint or a darker stain. You can also swap out outdated hardware like knobs, handles, and hinges for pieces made out of nickel, polished chrome, copper, oil-brushed bronze, or even iron. When you're updating your cabinets, check to make sure that the doors and drawers open easily.
Replace or add lighting.
 A bright kitchen appeals to all buyers, so evaluate your current lighting situation to see what needs updating. Consider installing LED strips under upper cabinets, swapping outdated island lighting with something more modern, adding dimmers, or upgrading to smart bulbs.
Reconsider your counters.
 Before staging your counters, evaluate their condition to see if they need replacing altogether. If replacing them isn't an option, consider a resurfacing or painting kit to give them a natural stone look.
Stage your counters.
 Once your counters are updated and ready to stage, remove all clutter and store any bulky appliances. Add decorative touches like clear glass canisters for dry goods and a decorative mason jar for holding large utensils. You can also add a nice candle with a calming scent to make the kitchen feel and smell more like home.
Every house has its own unique challenges, but some simple staging tips can help you overcome them. When it comes to successfully staging a kitchen, all it takes is a few small updates to impact buyers in a big way.
Sources: Fit Small Business, Dave Ramsey
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